A Perfect Fall Weekend Photo Diary

Happy Sunday! It has been a PERFECT fall weekend. The weather has been amazing; a little cooler, but not cold, and perfectly crisp for enjoying the outdoors. I love summer, but give me a fall day filled with pumpkins, apples, and cloudy skies any day. Fall in Western New York is stunning, but we usually have a fairly short season. The leaves change, and then it becomes rainy and windy and they all blow off the trees and are gone before you know it. This year, they colors are popping early, so we are getting treated to a show of orange, yellow and red all at the same time. I am hoping that means we will get to enjoy the fall colors for longer than usual. Local readers, south of Buffalo is bursting with color right now. These photos are lightly edited, but the colors are truly spectacular. I was both North and South of Buffalo this weekend, and I could not believe how far along the leaves are south of the city. Tony and I went to one of our favorite pumpkin patches, and then today I went apple picking with friends. The weather was lovely after a very rainy week, and although this season is usually short, it is always so enjoyable and my absolute favorite to photograph. I plan to enjoy every single minute that I can. 

Awald farms is South of the city, and the most adorable farm. We went for the first time last year, and I was so excited to go back this year. They have both a U-Pick field, already picked pumpkins and gourds in many varieties, as well as a corn maze. I think it's the perfect size, while still being adorable. We also visited across the street where the giant pumpkins are. We brought home several pumpkins to add to the front of our house, and a scarecrow. I just love pumpkins, I think they are absolutely adorable. 

Today a few friends and I went apple picking at Blackman Farms North of Buffalo. I had been once many years ago, and it is so adorable! There are so many pictures of the cows because I'm obsessed with them. 

One of my friends made these adorable apple cookies. There is apple cider mix in the dough, they are DELICIOUS. 

The U-Pick pumpkin field is absolutely adorable and it was even more beautiful this year with the gorgeous fall colors in the trees in the background. 

 It has truly been the most amazing fall weekend filled with some of my very favorite fall things. 

Here is my hat which I am still obsessed with. It is the perfect touch to fall outfits. 

My purple sweater is old from Loft but I absolutely love the color for fall. 

My apple sweater. It doesn't get more perfect than this for apple picking. 

I am so excited to continue to savor the fall season, and enjoy as much time outside as possible. I hope everyone has a great week!