Spooky Season but Make it Cute


Happy October! It is my absolute favorite month of the year. I love doing all of the fall things. I have already decorated the front of the house, the inside of the house, and gone apple picking. One of my favorite parts of the season is pumpkins. I cannot get enough of them. Every year Tony and I host a pumpkin painting party and this was our best yet. All of my friends were able to come. We had a great time, more pictures of my pumpkin creation on the way! 

Now that it is October, I couldn't resist scheduling the pumpkin painting get together, and starting to do fall things. I am definitely very much in the spirit because of school. My students have been talking Halloween since what feels like the beginning of school, so I have fully embraced it with decorations, Halloween themed activities and stickers. So, even though it is newly October, I know my favorite month is going to fly by, and for pumpkin painting I decided to go all out and make a Halloween themed snack board. I got the idea for all of these snacks from one of my favorite Buffalo bloggers, Abby from BelleoftheBall45 and a reel she did earlier this month. They were all so easy and cute. I picked up everything at Target while getting some Halloween goodies for my students. 

The spiders are oreos with pretzel stick legs, and these great eye ball sprinkles I was able to snag at Target. The pretzel ghosts are dipped in white chocolate with frosting eyes and mouth. I used candy corn as decoration even though I don't actually enjoy eating it. Check out Abby's reel to see how to make them but they were super easy, fun and cute too. 

My adorable plate with pumpkin charm is Nora Flemming. My sister in law gave me some of her platters and mini decorations for our wedding, and I have been obsessed every since. They are perfect for entertaining and have charms for every season and occasion. My pumpkin one is sold out, but I am linking a Jack-O-Lantern one that would be perfect for Halloween. 

My Vineyard Vines pumpkin whale tee is old, but here is this year's super cute Frankenstein whale one.  They have the cutest seasonal tees. 

I will definitely be looking for an excuse to make these snacks again this season. I hope everyone has a great October!