Three Easy Crafts

Coming at ya with two blogs posts this week! Besides for fun outdoor activities, my mom and I have been busy staying at home as well. Since we are both off all summer, we hang out a lot usually and do different things. Since we knew we wanted to spend more time at home this summer, we decided to try our hand at some fun and easy crafts, and they turned out really well, so I thought I would share with all of you! 

1. Using seashells as decor. The first up is definitely the easiest, there is absolutely no skill involved whatsoever haha. This idea was inspired by our beach house trip and using the shells we got there. Mostly they are oyster shells, which I am now obsessed with. 

What you'll need
1. A hurricane glass holder or really any size/shape glass container you have
2. Shells. We used some from our trip/other beach trips but you can buy shells as well. 
3. Sand. We gathered sand from the beach but of course you can buy it as well

Then literally just arrange them. That's it! I am creating a gallery wall with different coastal inspired decor, and plan to put mine on floating shelves on that wall. I will share when it's done!

2. Homemade wine corks cork board. We got the idea for this because there was one in the kitchen of the beach house we stayed at. We thought it was so cute, and both of us have a ton of corks. Something I have done for years, as you can tell by my corks, is when I have a bottle of wine with a special occasion, I write the year and the occasion on the cork. My cork cage was finally full so this was perfect timing. You can see special things I have written on them, such as our first trip to Maine in 2015, our first Christmas together, my Mother in Law's wedding a few summers ago, a big winter storm we had at our first apartment where we were snowed in for a week, the first family dinner in our house, a Zac Efron movie night with a friend, and fondue date nights. 

What you'll need
1. Corks. You can buy corks but it's fun to use ones you've saved if you have them. 
2. A frame/shadowbox. We actually used a chalkboard and glued them onto the board. It was a great flat surface, and the corks are almost completely flush with the frame which is what we wanted
3. Hot glue gun. 

I highly recommend placing your corks all down first then lifting up a few at a time to glue. Especially since they are all different sizes, it is like a puzzle arranging them all to fit. You could cut them if you wanted it super precise, but I didn't care that was mine was imperfect, you can see the gaps haha. 

3. Stacked Plates Holder. My mom found this idea on Pinterest I think. I decided to use mine as a jewelry/hair accessories holder since they are kind of all over the place on my dresser. 

What you'll need
1. Plastic plates (we just got some matching ones from the dollar store, but it could be super fun to use old ones you don't use anymore or Thrift some that aren't super valuable)
2. candle stick holders. We used glass because that's what they had but I'm sure other materials would work as well. 
3. Hot glue gun. 

The candlestick holders get glued to the plates, and then you just stack them so that the smallest plate is on top. 

Some tips since mine fell apart the first few times haha. 1. Take your time and let each layer dry before moving on to the next one. 2. Get down at eye level and line up your candlestick holders so that they are centered. Again, mine isn't perfect but I had to step away to see how off center my first attempt was. 3. Depending on your plates don't try to put too much weight on them! I had to put my headbands on the bottom because I needed the surface area, I put my hair ribbons/clips in the middle because it is definitely my most precarious layer, and then bracelets on top. 

All of these were quite cheap and easy to do! I am not historically a crafty person, but it has been fun to mix it up, try something new, and use things I already had at home! Let me know if you try any of these!