At Home Summer Date Night

 Happy Friday!! My last post was about a date day for an outing, but I also like to make nights at home special too. One of my favorite things about the summer is summer evenings. We have a huge tree in the backyard, and the evening light filters through it in the most beautiful way. It gets a little cooler, so I throw on a sweatshirt or sweater, and it makes spending some time outside so pleasant without having to go anywhere. Normally weeknights we make dinner, and then will relax watching something on Netflix, so just mixing up that routine a little makes a normal weeknight seem special. We had already planned to grill last night, so I decided to also make a dessert and that we would eat outside and really make it special.

A lot of the year I complain about our yard. In the spring it gets so wet it is basically unusable, and we don't have any type of awning so during the day in the summer it can be very hot. Summer evenings though are amazing. It's not perfect, but I think making use of the areas you have are so important, and bringing some place mats outside, pouring some wine, and making an average night special can do a lot for your mindset. I guess what I'm saying is, you don't need to go out and spend a lot of money to have a nice evening. Also, Oscar was so excited that we ran around with him after dinner, and he got his own dish of vanilla ice cream.

Dinner recipe is a grilled chicken and veggies cous-cous with pesto bowl from Skinnytaste. I think I mentioned awhile ago that we use the meal plans for dinners, and have for years. So many great recipes. Here is this one we used.  We just didn't make the pesto but used the fresh one from Wegmans. It was our first Wegmans run in three months, and it felt good to be back!

The dessert is blueberry crumble bars that I made in a pie dish. Here is the recipe! 

I just really enjoy snapping ordinary moments just as much as the outfit posts where I get all dressed up and find a great location. I thinking finding joy in the little things is special, and I hope as more people embrace it during this season of social distancing that it sticks and we take the time to find something to celebrate every day.