Plaid and Pine Trees

I could not be more excited for this upcoming week! Happy Sunday!

It ended up being a very low key weekend, which was actually really nice. We had plans for my brother's birthday, but unfortunately he ended up getting sick, so we stayed in. Tony and I went to our favorite breakfast place, and then did a Target run to stock up on some holiday decor and items for the upcoming week and season. I found most of the items in this post at Target! I try to only go once a week, but we always come out with more than we'd gone in for of course.

I have been wanting a flannel plaid shirt dress for awhile, and when I saw this I fell in love with the color and the price tag! It will definitely be in my rotation this week for at least one event. I got this little tree for my desk at school, and I came up with the idea to put a little ornament on it and use it as a photo prop of course! So Tony and I went for a mini walk, and took these photos. I could not be more excited for holiday outfits and photo ideas. It truly is a magical time of the year.

I know once we decorate, I will be fully in Christmas mode, but I am almost there already! After we got home, I watched the new Christmas movie on the Netflix, The Knight Before Christmas. It was ridiculous and I loved every second of it. Those movies completely embody the feel good, coziness of the season and I love it. After that when we learned our plans were cancelled we went out for Chinese at our favorite local place, and then had a quiet night in watching a movie and sipping some wine. It was actually perfect, because we have one of the busiest weeks of the year coming up!

Monday and Tuesday are normal days, and then luckily I am off Wednesday and I cannot wait to just relax, and clean the house a little! Thursday, we are going to my parents' house for Thanksgiving, and I cannot wait. The day after Thanksgiving, we always get our Christmas tree and decorate the house, because Saturday we host a Friendsgiving. In the morning, we are planning to go the Makers and Shakers Boozy Artisan Market downtown to try to get a start on some local Christmas shopping. Support your local businesses! I have already bought two gifts for Tony that will be arriving. I won't share what they are because he reads the blog! (Love you honey). I am excited to see some local handcrafted ideas though. Plus there will be a mimosa and Bloody Mary though, so it doesn't get better than that. I think I can convince Tony to come with me due to the Bloody Mary bar. So we will get our homemade sauce cooking in the crock pot, and head downtown. We always do Tony's famous lasagna for Friendsgiving, and with the house all decorated, and the smell of tomato sauce bubbling away; that is the start of Christmas to me! I cannot wait to share more of our Christmas traditions here on the blog and on insta.

Outfit details:
My dress is the Universal Thread line from Target. Such a great find!

My booties that are fun and comfortable. I have actually a ton of compliments on them from my students they thought they were insanely cool.

I have been wearing lipstick way more often for the fall and holiday season. I will be on the hunt for a holiday red, but I have been loving this darker berry color. It is called "Tea Thyme" from Colour Pop.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!