Slouchy Blazers and Stripes

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is having a great one, and a great start to September too. The weekend had a strong start for me, we tried a new Sushi place, Saika Sushi, which isn't far from my house, with my brother and his girlfriend, and it was phenomenal! It was a great evening. Then yesterday we had a minor plumbing issue arise just as we were getting ready to go out, and I just kind of let some stress get to me, as well as a lingering migraine I've had since Friday. However, my sweet husband got me apple cider donuts, and then we stopped at the store to get pizzas for the football game today, and he got me the beautiful bouquet in some of the photos below. He is just the best.

Today is going much better thankfully. We took Oscar for a long walk at Knox Farm, where the rest of this week's outfit photos were taken. I'd have Oscar in more photos, but sitting still is not his forte, but he had fun anyway. Knox Farm is amazing, and my favorite place to go for a walk, we even had our engagement photos done there two years ago. It used to be a working farm owned by the Knox family. (Think Albright-Knox Art Gallery) but was donated and is now public property in a beautifully kept up large area. There is a dog park which is huge with multiple areas, hiking trails through some woods, and many events. Today we saw a group doing yoga! There is a large polo match there every summer and they use the old stables to house some of the polo ponies. Almost every time we have been there, there is a wedding party taking photos. I love it in every season but fall is definitely my favorite. I cannot wait for the leaves to start changing. In the meantime, I made due with some beautiful long grass and goldenrod in the fields for these photos.

We are spending the rest of today watching football, prepping for school tomorrow and having dinner with my parents. I had a great first week at school. I am teaching fourth grade right now, and it is a blast, they are a great group of kids and I am loving it. I hope everyone had a great week back, or your kids did! The first week of school can be stressful, but before you know it, you are back in the routine. I love my weekends though!

outfit details:
Going back to school and fall temps makes me think of a couple fashion items, and I have been really into blazers for a few years now. They work well as a light layer for chillier mornings, and are so polished and put together. I got this one over the summer and there are a couple of things I love about it: The forest green color, and the slouchy, unstructured fit of it. It is very comfortable, but looks great. To dress it up I wear a nice blouse under it, and for this more casual look, I paired my favorite striped tee, jeans, and chestnut riding boots with it.  It was a bit too warm for the layers and boots, but I can't help myself. I have my apple cider and cider donuts, and a cinnamon broom making my house smell amazing, and bring on the fall outfits!

My blazer is no longer available, but I found a very similar silhouette and color, also from Kohl's

Also: LET'S GO BUFFALO. Happy first week of NFL football.
I hope everyone has a great week.