End of Summer in the Elmwood Village

Happy Tuesday!

It is now officially mid August, which means that summer is coming to an end. I know that it technically it isn't over until September, but as a teacher, September for me is the end of the summer and the start of a new school year.

I remember school shopping as a kid with my mom and brother, and it was so exciting getting all of these fall clothes; sweaters, jeans, boots, and I just couldn't wait to wear them. Every year I'd pray for a chilly start to the year so my first day outfit could be something I'd picked out, but without fail it would be hot every early September, and sweaters were out of the question.

Every end of summer I still get this same feeling. I love summer, and it has been a great one, with lots of fun travel and summer days and beautiful weather. It has barely rained, so we will see if that same trend continues on into autumn. I start seeing all of the great fall clothes trickling into stores and online, and this year it isn't almost worse, since it is my first year blogging, I am thinking of fall outfits and activities to do while wearing them. However, we aren't quite there yet, so I find myself subtlety shifting my outfits and making small changes, and before we know it, it will be full blown fall.

  Last weekend, Tony and I headed to the Elmwood Village to have a coffee, visit one of our favorite book stores, and go for a walk. We were sort of trying to recreate a day we had a few years ago, where we visited Talking Leaves Books, and got coffee at Cafe Aroma which is next door. I'm not sure why this day stands out so starkly in my memory but it does.

I love the Elmwood Village, although it has changed quite a bit in the past few years. We went to the book store, and we got a book with paddling trails since we have kayaks now, and are looking for places to go. Then we went next door to get coffees and they were amazing, but it was pretty crowded, so we decided to walk around instead. There is a lot to see and do in the village, it's really a must see rather you are local or form out of town and looking for something to do. There are great independent stores and businesses, and plenty of restaurants and cafes to choose from. I've spent many summer days just walking around. It is also fun to duck down any side street and look at the houses, as the village area has some of the most amazing architecture. We also took a look at one of the new murals in the village, and it is beautiful, done by a local artist. Then on the way back to the car and found a spot with the most amazing light to take some photos. Now, these reading photos are posed, but I do love sitting outside and reading, it is one of my favorite things to do. So, if you are having kind of a lazy weekend, I definitely recommend spending an afternoon in the Elmwood Village.

Let's talk outfit! It is still pretty warm outside, but I am looking forward to wearing warmer colors and different outfits. I met this goal by wearing a navy outfit, which in my opinion is a neutral and works no matter the season. I wore one of my favorite blouses that I got from Target this past spring, and paired it with one of my favorite pairs of patterned pants from H&M. The real star though is these shoes. They are open backed, and have cut outs on the sides, but are closed toe with a small block heel, so I think they are perfect to transition between seasons before it gets too cold. I picked the gorgeous gray/blue color, even though I am generally drawn to brown shoes, and I love how they look with this outfit. They were on a great sale at my local Target, are easy to walk in too. I am loving the Universal Thread Line, I can tell they will have some great additions for fall.


What are some things you like to do to update your outfits, even when the temperatures don't call for it just yet?

Thanks for reading!

Then two bonus photos we took yesterday, because I love how they turned out, and they also scream end of summer to me. Our Black Eyed Susans have bloomed so beautifully this year, but I can't quite bring myself to cut my hydrangea yet to make an arrangement.