Summer Sundays

Ah! Happy summer!

I have always said my favorite season is fall, and for many reasons it absolutely is. I love the feeling of new beginnings, and of course just the essence of the season. The colors of the leaves, a cloudy autumn sky, the smells of cinnamon and apples, and trips to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch. There's something expectant about fall. You wait for the weather to turn, and that first chilly morning. You wait for the leaves to change, and then for it to be Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then the holiday season.

For many of these reasons, summer is the antithesis of fall. It isn't expectant. It is lazy and carefree, and sleepy, but also exciting and full of long joyful days on the water, on a trip, or in your own backyard long after the sun goes down. Since my entire life I've either been a student or a teacher, summer is yearned for and revered. I will always love fall but every single May, my heart starts to sing of summer.

So! I definitely want to maximize my time, having a healthy mix of relaxation and fun. I have a lot of fun things planned this summer, but I like to make the most of every single day. So, as my husband naps on the couch, tired from creating a new flowerbed all day. I had this idea to have these posts on Sunday nights sharing what I did this past week, what I wore, what I loved. Then I'll think of something else in the fall ha! For now, let's live in the moment and embrace summer.

1. Eating outside!

I love being outside. I have gotten pretty good at maximizing that time in all seasons. But summer! Take me to all the patios, decks, picnics. I convinced Tony that we should go on a picnic after I had already dug out my very photogenic picnic basket for Shakespeare in the park, which ended up being way too ambitious for a Friday evening. So he agreed, and we ended up getting Olive Garden to go and go to a park not far away for a very fun and romantic evening in a beautiful spot.

Also, let's talk about this sweater. I had to have it from Jcrew factory. I love a nice light sweater for summer nights when it cools down after the sun has gone down.

2. Summer nights. One of my favorite things about summer is that the days after so long, they seem to go on forever. Saturday afternoon into evening, we went to my parents house for a family dinner, hot tub sesh and viewing of fireworks that go off near their house. It was incredible. We just lounged on the deck, used the hot tub, ate snacks, played corn hole, laid around some more. During the year can be so busy, like you are just running from one event or to do list item to another, but in summer it is much easier to find the time to just relax and enjoy the people in your life.

3. Miles for Migraines. This past Saturday, my husband, mom Dad and I did the walk Miles for Migraines in Delaware Park. When my mom told me about it after she saw information about it at her doctor's office, I was so on board. It was great to get some exercise and support a great cause. Both my mom and I unfortunately get migraines, hers are worse than mine, and mine are fairly well controlled with medication, but research and raising awareness are so important. So many people do not know what migraines can entail. The worst thing about them for me is always worrying I will get them based on my triggers. Did I have one glass of wine too many? It looks like it is going to rain, am I going to have a headache tomorrow? I always make sure I have my medication in case one strike,s because without it, I won't really be able to do much of anything. It is not just a headache!
Thanks for reading, and have a great end to your weekend, and start of this holiday week everyone!