Summer Dresses, Sunflowers and Sunshine


I always tend to buy a few new pieces each summer, but there are always a few stand out favorites that i end up wearing a ton and reaching for again and again. I love wearing dresses in the summer. They are easy breezy, quick to put together an outfit, and they can be dressed up or down for different occasions. I decided to do a post on this dress because it is still summer, and the weather is definitely reminding us! We are in a major heat wave here in Buffalo so I decided to feature this dress after wearing it again and again this past weekend. I couldn't resist the light blue gingham, tiered style, and tie straps. 

After returning from our family trip to a lake house in the Pocons, we had the best weekend! My mother and sister in law were kind enough to Oscar and house sit for us while we were away, so we got to spend time with them before they left. We also got to see a lot of family at my nephew's first birthday party, and you bet I wore this dress! It was a super warm weekend, so I found myself reaching for it again and again. 

I knew I also wanted to stop by one of my favorite Sunflower fields that we discovered last year for their last weekend of the season, and I decided that this dress was perfect for it. These photos were taken at The Hill 716 in Eden if you're local, but I believe they are closed for the season. However, since the other place I went this weekend is North, not South of the city, I have to mention two other sunflower fields you could check out locally and even work into visiting some wineries. They are the Sunflowers of Sanborn, and Becker Farms/Vizcarra Vineyards. Becker Farms is a must stop if you are visiting some wineries on the Niagara Wine Trail, they have so much going on to see and do, including  a promotion to get a bottle of wine and visit their sunflower field and pick some flowers. Sounds like a prefect afternoon to me! Sunflowers are definitely a sign that summer is winding down, but they are so beautiful I can't be upset about it!

If you are in the Buffalo area, you need to spend some time on the Niagara Wine Trail. It is the perfect way to spend a day in really any season, but the summer of course is gorgeous. We went to one of my favorite wineries, Freedom Run, on Sunday to see a friend's band (The Big Sauce Trio, check them out if you're local!) Freedom Run is having a summer music series in their Rustic even barn. They also have so many other cool events besides just going for a tasting, like Sunday brunch which I can confirm is awesome, and yoga events. Their property is really beautiful, and perfect for just getting a glass and enjoying outside. Some of my other standout places on the Niagara Wine Trail are

1. Spring Lake Winery: I got married here so I obviously love it!

2. Arrowhead Springs Winery: The most beautiful tasting room

3. Black Willow Winery is super fun and has a great chocolate and wine pairing you can do. 

Spending the day North of Buffalo visiting sunflowers and sipping some great wines is a great way to spend a late summer day, trust me! It's even better if you have a perfect dress for the occasion. Here's a link to mine

What are you doing to soak up the rest of summer? I can't believe it's almost over!