Day Trip to Batavia

When you think of day trips for the Buffalo area, you might not immediately think of Batavia, but trust me that you should check it out! Batavia is less than an hour away from Buffalo, and it is perfect to spend the day without needing to spend the night. 

Eat and Drink

We had drinks at Eli Fish Brewery. First of all, this place is huge. There is so much seating, and so many drinks to choose from We had several different beer flights, as well as a cocktail, and they were all great. If you are into breweries, it is definitely worth checking out. They also have a full menu!

We had lunch at Islands Hawaiian Grill. It was pretty much the whole reason we made the trip to Batavia in the first place, because you don't see a lot of Hawaiian style food around here. It was SO GOOD. If you are in the Buffalo area you need to check it out. Their menu was amazing. We had the Hawaiian style wings as an appetizer, and then I had the Hawaiian style lobster roll, and it was amazing. I love a good lobster roll in the summer, and this was such a delicious unique take on it. 

Outdoor activities 

When we picked Batavia for the day, we decided we definitely wanted to kayak. We went to the Dewitt Recreation area. It was literal minutes from the main street area with dining and shopping, lots of parking close to the boat launch, and it was scenic with the boating area, and also some walking trails that looked very nice. It wasn't overwhelmingly large, so it is perfect if you are new to kayaking, or just looking for a nice easy paddle for the first of the season like we were. 

I have to mention my Nike gingham workout set. I am obsessed with it and it is so cute. It was perfect for a day out on the water, and I know it will be perfect for me athletic summer activities. The pattern also comes in yoga pants as well as bike shorts. 

sports bra         active shorts

I hope everyone is having a great start to the summer!


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