Apres Ski Style

I am so excited to share this casual weekend outfit! Weekends have been different around here, for obvious reasons. Normally in the winter, I like to do a nice mix of spending time outdoors and enjoying the snow, and getting out of the cold and doing things like going out to dinner, or seeing a movie. We have definitely been doing our fair share of take out, and restaurants are open for indoor dining now at a limited capacity, but it is not something I am too comfortable doing yet. I get my vaccine next weekend (so excited!) but Tony won't be able to get his until the general population, probably this summer. So, we have had to find ways to spend our time that doesn't involve spending a lot of time in public indoors. 

I love skiing, and I'd love to go, but our local ski resort seems to be selling out every weekend due to limited capacity, so it might have to wait until next season. That doesn't mean though that I can't enjoy my apres ski wear. I wanted to show off this Lou & Grey sweatshirt from Loft, and round up some other cozy ski inspired pieces. 

Yesterday, I picked up this cozy sweatshirt after ordering online from Loft. It was so easy by the way, they just sent a text when my order was ready, walked in and picked it right up! Then Tony and I went for a lovely snowy walk in one of my favorite local places, Reinstein Woods. It was so beautiful with the fresh layer of snow we got earlier this week. All week it has truly looked like we live in a snow globe, with snow lightly swirling outside the windows at school. So it was the perfect excuse to throw on my Hunter boots, this new cozy and adorable sweatshirt covered with little embroidered skiers, and go for a little walk in the snow. There were so many cross country skiers out enjoying the snow and sunshine, and it truly lifted my mood. We ended the day with some garlic naan grilled cheese, trying out the Half Baked Harvest recipe, and it has been kind of a perfect, relaxing weekend. 

 My sweatshirt is on sale at Loft right now in the Lou and Grey Flash Sale. It is truly so cozy, and I would say runs TTS. Sometimes for sweatshirts I size up for a cozy fit, but reviews online said it ran a bit large, and I'd agree with that, I am perfect in the medium. 

How cute is this colorful heart version for Valentine's Day?

Here is the my ski sweatshirt and matching sweatpants that look so cozy. 

I also have to include this new Apres Ski sweatshirt from KJP that is so cute. 

I hope everyone is able to enjoy the outdoors in this season as much as possible.