Christmas Photo Diary


I cannot believe that we are just days away from Christmas! Of course this year looked different for a lot of reasons, but I was determined to keep the magic at home as much as possible this year. This turned out quite literally. I have been home teaching remotely since Thanksgiving, which is one of the reasons for not posting since before then. It has been such a busy time, so I am very happy to not have school this week. I love teaching and my students, but I think everyone, not matter what your profession is, is ready for a little break, and I hope everyone gets a bit of a breather to enjoy this time with your families, in person or virtually. I did however manage to take a decent amount of Christmas prep photos, and we have still had a very nice season together. 

The weekend of Thanksgiving we always decorate for Christmas. We get a fresh tree, and usually are prepping for our friends to come over for Friendsgiving. Of course we could not do that this year, but we did make Tony's famous lasagna and deliver it to friends. I dried some oranges for our wreath this year, and I love how our fresh garland around the door turned out with the plaid flannel ribbon wrapped around it. 

I picked out this dress from Draper James this year because it was comfy and beautiful, and still somewhat casual. I can also wear it to work for years to come. I really love it, and it definitely runs true to size. I took it for a spin in front of one of my favorite Christmas Trees. My dress is also on sale for a great price right now! 

A few weeks ago we checked out the Crepe chalet downtown, and it was just as magical as I expected, even if it was a little rainy. They were playing Christmas music, the twinkle lights were lit, the crepes and mulled wine was delicious, and the atmosphere really put me in the Christmas spirit. I highly recommend checking it out if you are in the Buffalo area. 

My friends and I did a cookie exchange for Christmas, and it was so much fun! We did a socially distant drop off, and I'm thinking next year we should do it up in person. Tony and I made these peanut butter Rudolph cookies using a family recipe, and then a red m&m for nose, chocolate chips for the eyes, and pretzels for the antlers. I wanted something cute and easy and these delivered.  

For my 30th birthday we walked around one of my favorite small towns and had a spiked hot chocolate and hot toddy at one of our favorite cafes that opened an outdoor Christmas shed with fire pits. It was such a great day. 

More Christmas cookies! My best friend makes cut out cookies every year with her family, and we go and help decorate. She was nice enough to drop them off this year and we decorated at home. It was actually a lot of fun. I think they turned out really cute too. 

On Thanksgiving, my mom and I made this bundt pan wreath. My dad spray painted them green for us, and we hot glued the decorations on and put the burlap on to hang it. 

 Seriously, check out the courtyard at Elm Street Bakery in East Aurora if you're local. Christmas vibes, spiked warm drinks, and a warm fire. We are supposed to get a lot of snow for Christmas! Yay! So I'm thinking it will be even more magical with a lot of snow. Might have to go again before New Years. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday no matter how you celebrate!