The Perfect Place for Plaid

Happy Sunday! Truth be told, this past week was rough. So, one thing I am doing to cheer myself up is getting in the holiday spirit a little early. I used to be a staunch follower of the no decorating/Christmas music/Christmas outfits before Thanksgiving, but frankly, I think everyone needs a little extra cheer this year. I was off this past week for Veteran's Day and I picked up some decor items, so I decided I couldn't resist doing a Christmas outfit post with some pieces I already had from last season. I will wait to do the bulk of the decorating until after Thanksgiving, mostly because we get a fresh tree, but I honestly can't wait for the cheer and feelings of joy the season brings. 

Something that I am planning on being a holiday tradition is Draper James plaid. My Draper James collection has steadily been growing, and I couldn't resist pulling out this amazing plaid blouse from last season and photographing it outside before it becomes too cold. I paired it with my new snowflake earrings from SugarFix for Bauble Bar from Target. I went with the snowflakes because I thought they would match just about any holiday outfit, but I'll link a few others I was eyeing, including snowglobes, ice skates, and nutcrackers. I am definitely bummed there won't really be holiday parties this year, but I am looking for forward to wearing festive outfits for school if we are lucky enough to still be in person, and just for myself and Tony and any small family get togethers we have. I decided on my leather leggings that give a festive but comfortable feel, and these festive and thrifted velvet shoes with peral accents. 

 Fun fact, this box is completely empty. All of the wrapping accessories came from Target, and Tony looked up a video of how to tie a perfect pie to put on the box, and let's just say, he will be doing more than his fair share of gift wrapping this year! 

So how about some links?


1. Nutcrackers. How darling are these?

2. My snowflake earrings. 

3. Ice Skates. I'm obsessed with these. 

Draper James Plaid!

My blouse from last season is of course sold out BUT the pattern is in the sale section for this dress.

My picks from this year's Draper James Plaid collection are:

1. Bow Backed plaid blouse. I love Draper James blouses. The material and cut are just right for me. I love this red Angie plaid. 

2. This plaid shirt dress is perfect to wear for work, or small family get togethers. Also in the Angie plaid. 

3. This Georgia Plaid sweater dress is darling and perfect for so many occasions. 

There are a lot of plaid options out there for the holidays, but I keep coming back to Draper James, so many cute options! We are now watching out late Bills game, and will be making a skillet chicken pot pie with biscuit topping for dinner. I hope everyone has a great week!