Cozy Christmas Books and PJ's.


Happy Wednesday! It has been quite a week, with Distance Learning and upcoming holiday. Luckily, we have today, the day before Thanksgiving, off. So I took advantage to get a doctor's appointment in, catch up on some housework, start my progress reports that are due soon, and start watching The Crown season 4! 

I have to acknowledge that the holiday season is different this year. We aren't seeing family like we normally would. We aren't doing our big yearly Friendsgiving for the first time in five years. We are however making Tony's famous lasagna and delivering it to my friends, but it is still hard not to be sad about it. It is one of my favorite nights of the whole year. 

Luckily, one of the things I love about the holiday season is simply the FEEL of it. The coziness. The Christmas music. Burning a candle while cozying up and reading a great book or watching a Christmas movie. I have already started with these cozy vibes. My new Christmas PJ's have arrived, I have out my coziest blanket, and new hot chocolate has been purchased. I just finished the Christmas themed novel I read last month as part of the Ashley Brooke Book Club, and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to highlight some cozy Christmas reads for those of us who are possibly spending more time at home than usual and looking to dive into a good book. 

1. The Twelve Dates of Christmas: I loved this one so much and it edged out We Met in December as my favorite Christmas read I think. It is about a woman who lives in the English countryside, and has been unsuccessful finding Mr. Right, so she signs up for a special Twelve Dates of Christmas dating service to meet someone. I loved the setting, cozy vibes and Christmas spirit, and also has some great baking descriptions. It was funny and sentimental, and made me excited for a cozy Christmas at home.

2. We Met in December: This one was a great read with funny, likable characters that I really connected to. It is about a woman who makes a career change and moves to London into a friend's house with a bunch of roommates, one of which she promptly develops feelings for, although he is seeing someone else. the description of Christmas in London is magical.  

3. Royal Holiday: This one was super fun! I loved that it was different in that the Protagonist is an older (not a 20 or 30 something) woman. She goes on holiday with her daughter to England for Christmas, to the royal Sandringham estate, where her daughter is a stylist for one of the Duchesses. She meets and falls for a man who works for the royal family, and they end up going to London before the new year. The descriptions of the holidays at Sandringham and London made me want to experience it! Basically all of these books made me want to to England! 

Other cozy novels that take place in Winter: 

1. The Time Traveler's Wife: I love the Christmas Eve section of this book, and read it every Christmas. 

2. Is it wrong to say Harry Potter? I love the Christmas parts

3. The Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah: Not specifically Christmas, but a historical fiction novel set in Winter, and a thought provoking family story. 

I also have to discuss Christmas Pajamas! I love Christmas Pajamas. 

1. My Jcrew Factory pair: My recommendation would be to size up so they are more cozy, but I am also tall, so sizing up definitely was a preference for me. Super comfortable, and I love the colors and pattern. 

2. Tartan! Super cute colors and Tartan pattern. 

3. Christmas Tree set. How cute is this?

I hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving, and a great rest of the week