S'more Fall Saturdays


Happy Sunday! Go Bills. The weather this past week was wet, rainy and gloomy all week long. Every single morning I drove to school in the pouring rain, except for Friday. So I was excited for a cooler, but much lovelier weather weekend. Yesterday was chillier than it has been, but still a very nice day, so we decided to spend it at one of my favorite places in the world; Spring Lake Winey. They have such a beautiful outdoor space, and plenty of room to distance from others. We grabbed a glass of wine, popcorn and ingredients for s'mores that they have available, cozied up by the fire with a gorgeous view of the lake and peak leaves, and ended up staying for a few hours! It was the perfect way to spend a fall Saturday. I love going to the wineries this time of year, and love supporting some of my favorite local businesses as well. You maybe remember we went this summer for a picnic, and I can't wait to keep coming back in every season. It's the most beautiful place for a wedding too if anyone was wondering ;). 
They actually have not one, but two fire pits going for s'mores, we just really lucked out and had this spot all to ourselves! 

I definitely recommend checking out Spring Lake. Enjoy some beautiful scenery and great wine. I am really enjoying all of these outdoor fall activities. I hope everyone has a great week! 

                                   Here's my sweater!  Really enjoying cozy season snuggled up in it today                                                     watching the Bills game, drinking hot apple cider and reading.