Mad for Plaid

Happy Sunday! Even though things look different this fall then anyone expected, it is comforting to have some things stay the same, including watching the Bills home opener today. I also love starting to switch over and add fall items to my wardrobe. It is no secret that plaid from this time of the year through the holiday season is my favorite pattern, but fall plaids are sometimes different than my holiday plaids. This may make me sound ridiculous, but I love focusing more on browns and warm tones in the fall, and more tartan, red and green for my holiday season looks. 

I saw this blouse at Target a few weeks ago, but it was out of almost every size, so I checked back and was able to snag one. I love that it could be dressed up or down. I went for an early fall collegiate look. I picture myself walking around a college campus with a coffee and a book. Walking around my campus when the leaves change was always one of my very favorite things. I kept it simple with chestnut leather accessories to complete the look. Don't ask about the shoes, they are 1. super old. 2. Extremely uncomfortable haha. I literally only had them on for these photos and they rubbed my toes so badly. I do love the vintage look of them though so maybe there's a more comfortable option out there somewhere. 


Some other plaid must haves for my wardrobe include:

1. Plaid flannel shirt. A no brainer. Of course these are perfect for casual wear and your pumpkin patch runs, but I have also dressed them up for work by wearing them under a blazer or tucking them into a pencil skirt. 
2. Plaid blazer. I love blazers, and before it gets too cold they can also double as a jacket. This time, I think a lot of people assume they are only for work or dressing up, but I love mine just as much on the weekends or casual days with jeans and short sleeved sweaters underneath instead of a blouse. 
3. Baseball cap. Hear me out. This may seem impractical but I actually wear mine a ton. I think the trick is picking a plaid with colors that coordinate with the vast majority of your wardrobe. 
4. Blanket scarf or cape. There is no downside to these. Cozy up like a blanket. Wear as a cape or with a belt, or tie it like a scarf on chillier days. 
5. Wool skirt. A preppy must have. 
6. Flannel shirt dress. Comfy. Cozy. Wear with booties or dress it up with heels and a red lip. 

I can't find my blouse online to link it, but check your local Target. It is perfect for this time of year for giving you that fall look without being too warm. 

I hope everyone has a great week! Go Bills!