Fall Decorating

Happy Sunday! This weekend we started doing one of my very favorite things; decorating for fall! We went to a local farm that we discovered last year, and picked up some mums, a few pumpkins, and corn stalks, and spruced up our porch for fall. I am also sharing some photos of small touches that I have done indoors. I don't go crazy with it, but I love pumpkins and updating inside for the changing season. I just need more pumpkins, and I will be satisfied for this year. 

A lot of my fall decorations are from Target, but two of these items are homemade!

1. Mason jar lid pumpkin. My mom and I did quite a few crafts this summer, and last weekend we got together to make a fall craft that my mom found online; making a pumpkin out of mason jar lids. It is so easy, and I am obsessed with how cute they came together. We picked out some cute ribbons, and hot glued them onto the mason jars. We used 24 lids to make this pumpkin. After we were sure they were dry, we strung them onto two pipe cleaners tied together, and then pulled the pipe cleaner taught so that the lids formed a circle. From there you are able to arrange them. The stem of the pumpkin is some cinnamon sticks hot glued together. I really can't get over how cute and easy this craft was to do. 

2. Fall centerpiece. This is made of two trays from Amazon, which were them wood glued to wood candlestick holders that we spray painted black. That's it! Then we put fall decorations on it. They aren't glued on, so I plan to update it for every season. 

I love fall decorating because I love using natural materials. I will definitely add some pumpkins, and maybe a few Halloween items for when we leave some candy out for a socially distanced Halloween for the kids in the area. 

I couldn't resist wearing a fall outfit for these decorating photos. My leopard obsession is still going strong. I picked up this sweater at Target, and it is so cozy. 

Here is a similar version from Jcrew factory. 


Have you decorated for Fall yet? I hope everyone has a great week