Wall Flowers (and Other Fun Designs) around Buffalo


Hi everyone! Today I have a very special post that I am very excited to introduce! One of my best friends, Kaitlyn and her boyfriend have done one of the most unique social distancing activities this summer. They have driven all over the city and the Buffalo area visiting murals done by some of our very talented local artists.  There are more murals here than I even imagined. She wrote the awesome post below to share with everyone about the routes they took and where to find these awesome works of art. Thanks Kaitlyn for writing this post! I hope you can see some of these or check out your local murals and art.  Also coming soon to the blog is another fun post with Kaitlyn so stay tuned! 

Wall Flowers (and other fun designs)....

by Kaitlyn Hatch

If you’re like me, summer 2020 has you desperate to get out of the house as much as possible! If you already picked all the flowers and berries you can handle, done every craft you could find, walked through every park in Western New York, and picked up several new baking skills- boy have I got an activity for you!

You’ve probably seen the many social media posts about the beautiful street art we have here in Buffalo. I saw all those posts too and I’ve seen some pictures pop up on my friends Instagrams. I thought it looked like a pretty cool activity for an afternoon. So, I found a couple guides from local sites that listed the locations of several murals and asked my boyfriend to plan a route. Luckily, he knows the city incredibly well and loves driving me around! 

We spent about 4 hours mural hunting one hot afternoon in July. It was one of the best afternoons of the year (and possibly one of the best ever!). We made a loop around the various parts of the city. For some of the murals, we just took pictures of them from the car, and others we got out and walked to get a better look. We got lunch at Joe’s Deli (which happens to have one of my favorite murals on their building) and just spent a nice day together out of the house. 

I thought that was it, but little did I know! My boyfriend did more research and there were even more murals and street art than we had thought, even including some in the Southtowns! We spent 4 more afternoons driving around catching the ones we missed. Each drive was fun, interesting, and just a great time! I love my boyfriend and I love my city- so it was a win-win! 

When we finally completed our Grand Buffalo Mural Tour 2020 ©, my boyfriend felt the need to organize them all into easier to follow routes. I would like to share them with you now! 

This is a great activity for families, and a great date activity! Keep in mind that these do take you all over Buffalo, so make sure you or someone you’re with really knows the different neighborhoods. The routes are all a mix of driving and walking and can definitely be combined to do more than one per day.

I hope you follow at least one of the routes and have a great day seeing some special street art and murals with someone special to you! Many are also great photo opps to show off the results of all those quarantine online shopping sprees!

I am just giving you the address of the murals, some are much easier to spot than others. But, that’s all part of the fun!!

Route 1: The Elmwood Village and The West Side

  1. Elmwood Avenue has a ton of official and unofficial murals and street art. Go from Elmwood and Forest to Elmwood and Church and keep your eyes open!

  2. 448 Niagara St

  3. 585 Niagara St

  4. Corner of Niagara and Busti

  5. 25 Grant St

  6. 133 Grant St

  7. 220 Grant St

  8. 113 Lafayette 

  9. 1330 Niagara St

  10. 244 Dewitt 

Route 2: The East Side (and Larkinville) 

  1. 5 murals in Larkinville (makes a good starting point and you can have a great breakfast or lunch to fuel your mural hunting)

  2. 617 FIllmore

  3. 964 Broadway 

  4. 1131 Broadway

  5. Buffalo Academy of Science

  6. 1001 E. Delavan 

  7. 3148 Bailey Ave

  8. 3162 Bailey Ave

  9. 3190 Bailey Ave

  10. Tri-Main Center has 2!

  11. 537 E. Delavan 

  12. 1665 Main Street

  13. Michigan and Ferry 

  14.  230 Moselle St

  15. 149 Lemon St

Route 3: The First Ward/South Buffalo

  1. 829 Seneca St

  2. Doc Sullivan’s

  3. 2277 South Park Ave

  4. Hamburg and South Park

  5. 491 South Park

  6. Miami St and Alabama St

  7. Gene McCarthy (well the train tracks next to it)

  8. 149 Van Rensselaer 

Route 4: The Southtowns

  1. 3648 South Park (Lackawanna)

  2. Big Tree Pediatrics- 4470 Bayview (Hamburg)

  3. Alchemy Wine (Hamburg)- there’s also a couple more on various buildings if you take a walk around

  4. 35 Main Street (Hamburg)

  5. New Era Field across from team store (Orchard Park)

  6. 3763 Southwestern (Orchard Park)

  7. 4230 N Buffalo St (Orchard Park)

  8. Bar Bill takeout building (East Aurora)- have some wings when you’re there!

  9. 618 Main (East Aurora)

  10. 634 Main (East Aurora)

  11. 660 Persons St (East Aurora)

Route 5: Downtown

  1. 465 Washington St

  2. 468 Washington St

  3. 455 Ellicott St

  4. Back of Town Ballroom

  5. 344 Delaware Ave

  6. 333 Franklin St

  7. Shea’s 710 Theater on Tupper

  8. 812 Main St

  9. 521 Main St

  10. 5 East Huron St

  11. Take a walk around Canalside and Harbor Center too!

Route 6: Hertel Ave and Allen St

  1. Just take walk down Allen and you’ll see many murals and other public art

  2. Same goes for Hertel. Walk from Shoshone to Delaware. Make sure you go down the alley behind the Sunoco at Colvin! 

I had no idea there were so many murals in Buffalo and the surrounding areas! Let us know if you check them out!