Pre Fall Plaid

Happy Wednesday! I can't believe it is the last full week of August. We have a bit of a nice cool down coming this week, but it has still been quite hot because it is still summer. However, now is the time I start thinking about transitioning my wardrobe and thinking ahead to fall outfits. One way to do that slowly is to start thinking about colors and patterns since it's too warm for sweaters just yet. This outfit would be great if you are actually going to a workplace right now, and it is a great transitional plaid, without being tartan or too holiday. I am not ready to let go of my ginghams for the season just yet, but I also love my plaids for fall and winter. 

We snapped these photos last week on a nice walk with Oscar one evening. I cannot wait for cooler weather. I love summer, but fall dressing is definitely my favorite. This outfit is literally 100% from Target. I like incorporating some basics from Target to my seasonal wardrobes. This is my third color of this ribbed t-shirt, and I might get more colors. I have this light orange color for fall, black, and a teal. They are so comfortable, and tuck in really nicely to skirts or pants, or dress down with jeans. I really love them. 

These pants are so cool. I love the tie to make a bow, and I am really into this style of pants that isn't a skinny pant for transitional weather when you don't need to wear them with boots. They have a great plaid pattern with the tan, light blue and light orange, so this shirt matches it perfectly. They are high waisted too which I personally like a lot. 

I got these shoes last season and they brought them back this year. I am pretty torn on them, I love the color and they look good with a lot of outfits, but they are pretty uncomfortable to do any amount of walking in. I will say they are better with tights, but with the side cut out you can't really even wear no show socks. Does anyone have them and have any tips? Have I just not broken them in enough? Is there some secret I'm missing? Help a girl out haha. 

I am definitely sad to see summer go, but I am very excited about fall outfits and activities. I hope everyone has a great end to the month as we head into September.