Blue, White and Blueberries

Happy Wednesday! On Monday, Tony and I had the most perfect summer day. I love spending time outside as much as possible, and I am enjoying thinking up creative things we can do outside that are socially distant from others, and creating new summer traditions. A few years ago we went fruit picking in the summer, and it was a lot of fun. Last summer we were so busy with traveling that we didn't get to do as many local summer activities, so I guess that is a silver lining of this whole situation! Last time we went to Becker Farms, and while I love it there, it is a more popular place so I thought they might be busier, so I found a list of U-Pick berry farms on Step Out Buffalo, and told Tony to pick one. He picked the Blueberry Tree House Farm in West Falls outside the Colden area and it was so perfect. I was really impressed with their safe set up. We signed in for contact tracing, they had hand sanitizer, and when near others everyone wore a mask. They have a great playground for kids, and the coolest tree fort that leads into the walking trails that felt quite magical. The U-Pick field itself is lovely, sloping up a hill, and they had plenty of delicious blueberries of different varieties. 

It was such a lovely day. The sounds of excited kids running up and down the rows finding the best blueberries, the sun on our backs, and listening Tony share family stories from when he was a kid and they would go fruit picking made me so happy, and gave me that summer magic feeling that some of us may be feeling is lacking this year . I knew I wanted to use the blueberries to make a blueberry pie. We got one in the Finger Lakes last year and it was so good I am still thinking about it a whole year later. Tony decided that we had to be extra ambitious and make the crust and lattice as well. I can't take credit, he pretty much did that part all by himself, and it turned out so delicious. So I encourage you to get out and explore your local area and find some fun summer activities you can still do this year and make some memories and maybe new traditions. 

This outfit is entirely things I already had in my closet. I have been wearing this hat on repeat, definitely one of my favorite purchases from last summer. It is the perfect stylish way to keep the sun off of your face. (I burn quite easily). I paired this breezy comfortable white blouse with my favorite gingham shorts that I have had for years and they are still holding up great. I couldn't resist the blue and white theme for blueberry picking. I always get so many compliments when I wear these shorts, they are so old from Old Navy, but I found this super similar pair from Target that are the same style as my blue and white striped ones that I brought to the beach house, and I can't recommend them more. They are pull on (because who has worn pants that button in months am I right?) and so comfortable. I am kind of kicking myself for not getting the pink gingham. 

I hope everyone is having a great summer (how is it August already??) and finding fun things to do even in this summer of social distancing. Any other fun outdoor Buffalo activities I am missing? Let me know! 


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