A New Sunflower Field you Need to Know About

When I think of August, I think of soaking up the rest of summer as we slowly begin to transition seasons into fall. This year I have really tried to take advantage of seeing all of the seasonal blooms and enjoying them as much as possible. In the early spring we have lilacs, then cherry blossoms, then of course all of the beautiful wildflowers and hydrangeas of summer. In August, the sunflowers begin to show off for the end of summer, and they never disappoint!

I think one of the most popular places to see sunflowers locally is Sunflowers of Sanborn. It is probably the largest local field, and it is absolutely beautiful. They are open this year, and they also have food and vendors. I was a little concerned about crowds though, so I was looking for some smaller options. It is also a little bit of a hike from the part of Buffalo I live in. One morning, my husband told me about a new field he found on reddit in Eden, The Hill, and we decided to check it out as part of our "Staycation" as Tony was off all week. We decided to go one evening hoping it would be quiet, and to have that golden hour light. It did not disappoint! We were the only ones there and enjoyed the beautiful field all to ourselves as the sun set. 

We had a great time picking some sunflowers and taking photos, and it was what perfect summer evenings are made of. I highly recommend a visit, and I can't wait to see how the field grows in the years to come. If you are in the south towns, and looking for a sunflower field that is a bit closer, it is definitely worth checking out! It would be so fun to do with kids, family, friends, or for a little date night. I hope everyone keeps enjoying these last few weeks of summer.