Summer Date Day at Spring Lake

 Happy Tuesday and happy summer! I love summer, and as a teacher I fully embrace it as much as I can. I know for many of us, our summer plans might look a different than usual, but there are so many great things to still get out and do this season, even if big trips or events are cancelled. Honestly, a lot of the things Tony and I do for "date days" are already fairly socially distanced. We love going to parks, and being outside. I wanted to share something we did for a date afternoon for the first day of summer at one of my favorite places ever, Spring Lake Winery in Lockport. Obviously this particular date is specific to the Buffalo area, but I'm sure you could recreate it if you live near a winery, or even a park and bring your own supplies.

If you know me, you know that Spring Lake is a special place for me. I had gone there for wine tours with friends before, and then a favorite event that I started to go to with my family and Tony is Jazz Fest every late spring. Then, when we started researching where we wanted to get married, it popped up on our radar, we went to visit, and booked it that day! It was such a beautiful day, and I could not recommend it more. So now every time we go there, I have such beautiful memories of that day.

They do a lot of fun events at the winery, and they've gotten creative during this season of social distancing, and have come up with some great ideas. I saw on social media that they were having a picnic lunch special, complete with basket, basket, bottle of wine of your choice (Tony and I both love the Riesling!) two lunches, and your choice of wine sorbet. We had a lovely time choosing a sport close to where we did the first look for our wedding, and enjoying a beautiful afternoon.
 Funny story about this day! It was such a hot day when we left our house, almost 90 degrees! I actually worried it would be too hot to sit outside for a prolonged amount of time. We arrived at the Winery (I should mention reservations are required for the picnic lunch! They are trying to keep numbers down so that socially distancing is feasible. I just called that morning for that afternoon and it was fine.) We got our basket, picked our spot, and placed our order, and settled in with our wine. We enjoyed almost all of our wine, and food, and the temperature started to drop, and the clouds rolled in. Tony said it looked like it was going to rain, and I was like nahh I looked online and it isn't supposed to. Well, we were almost done with dessert, and sure enough it started to sprinkle. we were close to the cabin where my bridesmaids and I got dressed for our wedding, so we went to hide on the porch, and it started to pour! Also sharing our porch were some mid twenties girls hanging out, and I couldn't resist telling them we got married there, and it made me realize all over again how happy I am with my stage of life, and to have such a wonderful husband, who was such a good sport, and we just couldn't stop giggling about it. It poured for almost 15 minutes, and then we took these vineyard pictures with the remainder of our wine, so you can tell my hair is a little bit wet!

The food was great, as was the wine of course! The wine sorbet might have been the highlight for me though, it was amazing! We both got lemon raspberry. The whole experience was wonderful, they had all ordering and tasting set up outside, and they even brought everything out to us. It was a great way to get out, while still being safe and socially distancing.

Here are a few pictures of our first look because they are some of my favorite from the whole day. I loved doing a first look, it was very fun and it did not make me any less excited or nervous for the ceremony haha.

I hope everyone has a great week, and finds ways to enjoy their summer!