Blossoms and Blooms

This past weekend was about as perfect as a quarantine weekend can be. 

This time of the year is one of my absolute favorites. I love Thoroughbred horse racing, and every first Saturday in May is traditionally the Kentucky Derby, and the kickoff to Triple Crown season. Every year we get together with my family and watch it. It is also usually the weekend of the Cherry Blossom Festival here in Buffalo. At the Japanese Garden at the History Museum in Delaware Park there are beautiful cherry blossom trees that blossom at this time every year. I was looking forward to photographing them and doing an outfit post there. It is usually the first weekend of the year that feels like spring, and it feels like waking up. Like magic every year the flowering trees are in bloom, and it just instantly puts you in a good mood.

Of course every thing is different this year. Delaware Park has been very crowded, and we were worried about crowds due to the beautiful weather and the blossoms being in peak bloom. So I did some brainstorming on where else we could go for a walk, I think it's so important to get outside, with appropriate social distancing. I think we have found a new spring time tradition. At Forest Lawn Cemetery there is a beautiful little lake ringed by flowering cherry trees. The sight just filled me with joy and peace, and we had such a nice time photographing the blooms and just taking it all in. Believe it or not I haven't really ever been inside, even though I went to college right across the street.

It was kind of a tough week, with finding out that schools here will not reopen this academic year. I know it was the right thing to do, but it still feels very strange, and I'm sad for students, especially those missing milestones like senior year, or the end of eight grade. It feels like we are just waiting for things to go back to normal, just like we wait every year for the trees and flowers to bloom, but when they do, it is worth it. We have to be patient, and get through this season of waiting, and hopefully we will appreciate the things we are missing now more. I know I will never again take for granted giving my parents a hug, going out to dinner with friends, or going to the grocery store.

My dress is Gal Meets Glam, that I bought for my honeymoon in California last summer, and it was great to have a beautiful day to bring it out. It is not longer available, but they just released their new April collection! It really is my go to for dresses.

We also took Oscar to the park and got him his first ice cream cone of the season yesterday, and it made things feel a bit more "normal." I hope everyone enjoyed the weather, and is finding things to enjoy even though we can't do some of the things we would normally do. Stay safe everyone.