Lemons into Lemonade

How is everyone doing? I wanted to do a "check in" post and share some things that are keeping me positive being at home. I am thankful that my husband and I get to work from home, and to the essential and healthcare workers who make that possible.

I think everyone is handling this differently. I am someone who loves my routine, and having things to look forward to, so this has been a tough adjustment for me. I miss my friends, family, and students, but I am finding ways to connect with them, and little things to look forward to, so here is what is working for me.

Staying busy at home:

I need a routine, and although mine isn't perfect, this is what I'm doing. I am teaching from home, but some other things I am doing with free time at home:
1. Try to limit news time. I like putting on the Today show, because I think it has been a good mix of news, and positive stories. I do try to watch the governor's press conferences, but not every day, depending on my mindset, some days it is just too much. So, I have tried to find some things to do to keep my mind and head busy. I am not typically a "crafty" person, but it is something that I have always wanted to be better at. My friends, are also working from home, so we have kept in touch and shared what we are doing. My best friend shared a diamond painting she had ordered from amazon, and I decided to try it. I had never heard of them, but I am so glad I got one. It is like paint by numbers, but with little color coded gems that you stick in specific places on a sticky canvas. It is time consuming for sure, but definitely takes focus and is relaxing. I try to do a section a day. I am about halfway done three weeks in. I chose this relaxing sunset lake scene because it reminds me of our lake house vacation last summer and how relaxed I felt there.
 I love the idea of baking, but don't typically have a lot of time to do so. We normally do well with cooking, and of course we are trying to limit getting groceries to once a week, so we are mixing that with ordering Hello Fresh meals, to have fresh healthy meals. I saw a lot of people baking banana bread, so I asked my mom for her recipe, and made one, and it was so good. Next up, I will be making banana chocolate chip muffins, with my sister in law's recipe. It was fun to do together. I am planning some fun things to make for Easter weekend. On a totally random note, I am low key addicted to toaster strudels, which is an interesting development.
 In the afternoons/evenings, normally I get home, read, and make dinner before we watch something and go to bed during the week. With the extra time, I didn't want to be just watching netflix all afternoon. I like the diamond painting, but I needed to mix it up, and I can only do that for so long! EVERYONE has been trying needlepoint, so I decided to try my hand at it. I had been planning to give it a go this summer, but between the quarantine, and seeing one of my favorite artists had turned her beautiful nautical prints into needlepoint canvases, I decided now was the time. I ordered this whale canvas from Sara Fitz studios, and a local needlepoint store in Massachusetts. It was a great way to support small businesses/artists, and try something creative that I have been wanting to get started on. I was definitely intimidated, but I watching carly's instagram TV tutorial, and got started, and I am hooked! I put on some relaxing music, usually jazz, and get stitching. The other day was gorgeous outside, so I took it outside with my book and ended up staying out there for hours. It was lovely.
Here is the website where I picked out my canvas and got ordering information. It is gorgeous and hand painted, and I cannot wait to do a few and frame them together in my living room. Trying something new is a definite bright spot in this tough situation.
 Getting outside and being active:
So, over the winter I posted about how I was getting into working out at home. Well, I got a new job and schedule, and got out of my workout routine. I thought this might be a good opportunity to get into at least yoga again, but as of yet I haven't really felt like it, so I haven't forced it. I did decide though that trying to be a little bit active and get outside as much as possible is important. We walk Oscar every day that is nice, and I am looking forward to the trees and flowers starting to bloom. Something else that I was pushed to do that I have been wanting to do for awhile is...buy a bike! I found this absolutely adorable one, and for now am riding it around my neighborhood, and couldn't resist taking a photo with a coordinating sweater that I purchased from Jcrew factory that really cheered me up and made me feel like spring time.

My sweater is from Jcrew factory. I absolutely love the color, and embroidered lemon motif. It made me think of turning lemons into lemonade, and making the best I can of a bad situation.

Other things that have been helpful for me:

1. Reading. It is not secret that I love to read. I have mentioned that I love the Ashley Brooke book club. They are especially perfect during this time because they are fun light reads. I love how fiction can transport you to another place. At first I was having a hard time focusing to read, but it has gotten better. This month's pick is Love and Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch. I have read it (and loved it!) so I purchased the companion novel Love and Luck, and I am really enjoying it. It is a fun YA read, and I always love those. I am trying to read before bed as well, since sleeping has been a little bit harder for me lately, from general feelings of anxiety, to simply being out of my routine.

2. Staying in touch with friends. Obviously we text, but some other things we have been doing that has been fun.
                   -online games. We get together online to play different games. We have Jackbox games, so we get on google hangouts to chat and screen share and have been playing that, just like we do when we get together in person. A few friends and I have been playing Catan and Dominon online. I finally won for the first time yesterday, and it was very exciting.
                 -I would be remiss not to mention Animal Crossing. We got a copy on my last Target run before staying home for the long haul, and I am SO GLAD we did. Back in the day I played on the Game Cube, and this new version did not disappoint. It is distracting in the best way, and playing with friends online is fun too. My best friend came to my island for a meteor shower over the weekend, and it made me so happy. I can't even tell you.
                 - My best friend told me about a virtual "coffee date" she had with coworkers this week, so we are going to do one this weekend with our friend group. I am very much looking forward to it.

3. Going for a drive: Over the weekend Tony and I went for a drive with Oscar and put on some of our favorite music, and it made me feel better.

I hope everyone is doing okay, whether you are students learning from home, teachers teaching from home, anyone staying home, essential or healthcare workers still going into the community, anyone who is alone at this time. I have been inspired by the empathy that I have seen people demonstrate for others.

Stay safe. We will get through this!


  1. I love your sweater!! and I so agree with you I need a routine as well! i've been trying my hardest to stick to one but it's getting harder and harder.
    Xo, Kelsey