First Day of Spring

 It is the first day of spring! It feels a little bit different this year of course. I hope everyone is staying safe, staying home if possible, and hopefully soon we can get back to our normal routines and enjoy what the season has to offer. Where I live, all schools are closed, so I am working from home, and it is strange not to be at school with my new students who I was just getting to know and settle into a routine with. My husband is also working from home, and Oscar is very confused as to what is going on. I wanted to share some uplifting spring pictures. I am looking forward to blue skies, brighter colors, and flowers. I know looking at them cheered my up a little, I hope they do the same for you. Wherever you are, and whatever your life looks like right now, I hope you're doing okay and I am thinking of all of you.

The Rose Garden in Delaware Park is a favorite to visit. The roses typically bloom in June if you're looking for the best time to go. Have dinner or drinks on the terrace at The Terrace Buffalo that overlooks Hoyt Lake, it's gorgeous.

 Once social distancing is complete, I am looking forward to visiting the Botanical Gardens. They always have a beautiful spring display