New favorite leggings and other Target buys

I was hesitant to talk about my goals in January, because I think everyone starts off the year with lofty goals, and maybe hits January hard with working out, or eating right, or whatever your goal is. I was joking with Tony about everything I have been seeing where people have "intentions" instead, and it cracked me up, because you can intend to do something, but not actually do it, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. If we fall short at a goal, it is easy to beat yourself up. I think of it in terms of goals in teaching, you can have a goal for a student, but if they don't meet it, you just keep working at it, because we are all human, and sometimes things just don't always go the way we planned, and that is okay! I used to be a horseback rider, and the same things apply. When you are working with a horse, maybe it's a new discipline, or a new exercise, and you need to be patient, consistent, and understanding if they don't get it right away! So, why don't we have the same grace with ourselves?

So, anyway, that was more long winded than I meant it to be! I set the goal or intention, that I wanted to work out more. Read: at all. I haven't really worked out in years! I have been committed to eating healthy for years. When we moved into our house, and had a nicer kitchen to utilize, we knew wanted to cook more, you know, like adults, with a real shopping list and planned our recipes ect. Then, we were getting ready for the wedding, and I didn't necessarily plan to LOSE a lot of weight, but maintain it and not gain by eating healthy, and we have actually kept it up for years! Truly, we use the skinnytaste  meal plans, really only for dinners, and have done so for YEARS. Obviously not always 100% to the letter (crazy nights, sickness, events) but I love having the plan, shopping list and the recipes are healthier without not tasting good. For example, last night we made chicken enchiladas (so good) and tonight is a new favorite, macaroni and cheese soup. I do not eat boring food. 

So, anyway AGAIN. I knew I wanted to work out, but I am too intimidated to go to a class, especially being out of shape like I am right now, I could see trying one when I have more of a base and could get through a class. I also knew though, that I kind of had no idea what I was doing on my own! Tony had bought a spin bike (No not a peleton! And no, not for Christmas. That whole thing cracked me up though). I wanted to use it, but knew just sitting there spinning wasn't really the way to accomplish anything. Tony bought three months of and It is online streamed videos, with real instructors from a real gym leading the classes. I am doing spinning, and yoga/stretching, and I love it! I need that visual. I won't lie and say I am one of those people who LOVES working out. I never have. But it does feel good, and I am already noticing a difference in my strength/stamina. I started in January.

Now, I am unashamedly one of those people who wears workout leggings just to run errands because why not. Not all the time, but especially this time of the year when I'm really cold. I got these  Joy Lab leggings from Target, and I am obsessed. They are high waist, so very comfy, and they a have a fun ribbed knit bottom on the calf, which is like built in leg warmers! They are great for yoga and running errands. I am a big fan, and I can't wait to try more Joy Lab activewear. I know it's been awhile since Target launched their new brands but each time they do they are SO GOOD. Honestly, I get a lot of stuff there, but in particular the clothes. For the price, they are great, I wear a lot of it quite often and it is all still holding up so well. I think the one I buy the most is probably A New Day. The sweater from the above picture is that brand.

I hope everyone has a great week, and is doing well with your goals or intentions, or whatever you hope to get out of this year!