Happy Valentine's Day!

I am so excited to share a few Valentine's Day themed posts with everyone! Honestly, we don't usually go "all out" for Valentine's Day, both in terms of going out or gifts. However, I love the idea of celebrating people that you love in your life, rather that is your significant other, friends, or family! So, I am sharing a dressier outfit with a dress that I already had in my closet, which screamed Valentine's Day to me with the pink rose motif, and some ideas for celebrating this month, rather that is actually on Valentine's Day or not. Also, these could be just great winter date ideas, since I know a lot of people get in a rut of just going to the movies or going out to dinner in the winter if it is cold where you live. We really lucked out with these photos that it was a balmy 45 degrees, so I actually was not super cold taking these photos.

These ideas are Buffalo themed, because that's what I do, but of course could be tailored to wherever you live.

  • Dinner out! The obvious choice. Some Buffalo recommendations of mine include
    • Fancy: I love Black and Blue, steak and seafood primarily and so good. 
    • middle of the road: Some local favorites of mine for a won't break the bank, but romantic dinner include: Tappo (Italian) Mulberry's (Italian) The Terrace (variety of options/cuisines)
  • Drinks/dessert: I love the idea of eating at home to save money, and just getting drinks or dessert out. Could make it fancy and get dressed up, or get ice cream sundaes out! 
  • See a show! I immediately think of Shea's but there are many smaller local productions as well. Personally, I am dying to see Anastasia at Shea's. 
  • A DIY night! Years ago we did a double date with my brother and his girlfriend at one of those Panting with a Twist painting nights, where they walk you through a painting step by step and you can either purchase or bob your own drinks depending if it's at a restaurant/bar or a studio. There are a ton of options, from painting, to plant terrariums, to sand creations. 
  • Ice skating downtown! I think my personal pick would be canalside and then have dinner at Liberty Hound. OR go with a group and rent one of the igloos. I know I have brought this up multiple times, I am dying to do this haha
  • Museums. The Albright Knox is being remodeled right now, but if you haven't been in awhile, the science museum is pretty cool. Or check out the Burchfield Penney, and eat on Elmwood. Cole's immediately comes to mind, we went there a lot while we were dating, and after we got engaged in Delaware Park. 
  • Fondue night at home: We used to do this all the time. We even brought it to an outdoor movie once. Got a lot of strange looks. Our personal favorite is chocolate, with strawberries, marshmallows and Rice Krispy treats.  

My dress is Gal Meets Glam from their first holiday collection, but I thought it was absolutely perfect for Valentine's Day with the rose motif. We shot these on a beautifully warm day, so I was able to take my coat off! 

The dress is still available here for less than one hundred dollars! Not only does it look nice, but the fit is a dream. It is flowy, flattering, and I love the slightly off the shoulder neckline and the drapey back. I have a few Gal Meets Glam dresses and the quality is really excellent with both fabrics and comfort level. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful day however and with whoever you are celebrating with! What are you wearing today, for work or a date night this night?