Trying Trends: New Ways to Wear a Blazer

Let me begin by saying that I definitely would not consider myself a "trendy" dresser. I err on the side of preppy, classic, and conservative. I am a teacher, so I have to keep things conservative for appropriate work wear, and for being able to move in the classroom. Even teaching older kids, you are still constantly moving around to help different kids, and there are times when kids are reading, writing, or working in small groups where I encourage them to find a comfortable spot, and kids LOVE sitting on the floor so I find myself on the floor quite a lot! Haha.

ANYWAY, I have quite a few work wear pieces in my closet, including blazers. I love them because they easily dress up an outfit, and are a fantastic extra layer. I love that in the past few years there have been lots of fun patterns and colors, like my burgundy and navy blue plaid featured in this outfit. I cannot resist plaid. I find myself reaching for my blazers a lot, even for casual and going out outfits. I LOVE how they look with jeans. I have a lovely short sleeved sweater that I wear with this particular blazer a lot, but sometimes I feel too dressed up, or stuffy.

So, I was so excited to see some of my favorite bloggers wearing their blazers new ways. It makes me feel like I am getting even more for my money out of my closet. I was mostly inspired by Abby from Belle of the Ball, a fellow Buffalo blogger, wearing her beautiful Red Fleece blazer with a.....hoodie. The more I saw her insta story and then her most recent post, I was like yes, that is something I want to try!

 So, I put an outfit together, most of which are items I already owned! This time of the year can be uninspiring for getting dressed. It's cold and snowy, and most of your body needs to be covered haha. It was exciting to be excited about trying something new!

A few weeks ago I said I didn't need a closet full of sweatshirts, and while that is true, I truly did not have just a plain hoodie to try this look. I have several from school or clubs or with logos, but not just a plain one. So I picked up this one from Target. It has a great fit, I didn't want it too baggy or longer than the blazer. It's a pretty off white color, between white and cream. I picked one of my favorite blazers, old from Target, and I have Stevie pants from Old Navy in a coordinating color, a pretty burgundy. I am obsessed with my Stevie pants, they are basically fancier, thick leggings, making them dressier and work appropriate, especially with tall boots like I did here with my riding boots. I love this look, it feels a little "cooler" than what I'd normally wear, but still classic.

What are some other "trends" or mixing pieces together that you wouldn't normally think of putting together? I am onboard, it was fun putting this together!

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!