The City of Good Neighbors

Happy Monday!
The weather is really not cooperating with my plans lately! I have two things I want to accomplish this winter; improve my skiing, and have lots of fun winter and winter fashion posts on the blog. Well, we have had the strangest weather so far. Buffalo is known for snow, so much so to the point where it is usually the first thing people mention when they discover you are from Buffalo. I traveled to Quebec once, in CANADA, and they were asking us about our snow totals. Well, so far this winter we have had very little snow. The most snow we have had was in November. It has been rainy and unseasonably warm, but only for about a day at a time before it gets cold and rainy again. It is hard not to be bummed about it. Snow is what makes this time of the year bearable in my opinion. It looks beautiful, and you can do fun winter activities.

Saturday it was in the low 60's, and it was pouring rain. It was a great day to do some shopping! I finally got to check out Molly and Kate in the village of Hamburg. It is the cutest little boutique that carries some of my very favorite brands like Vineyard Vines and Draper James. I love shopping online, but sometimes it is still so great to go to a store and have that experience. Molly and Kate has some of the cutest Buffalo themed apparel around, including this sweatshirt that I snagged when I saw it was restocked on insta. Their insta is awesome as well, if you are local to Buffalo, give it a follow and see some of the great stuff you can get there. Shop local!

It is great to be here in Buffalo during its renaissance, and getting to experience the new businesses, and revitalization of many areas of the city. The best thing about Buffalo though will always be the people. If someone asks someone from here what is special about Buffalo, I'd bet you'd hear about the people before wings or sports (Duffs and Buffalo Bills for life). People here are so willing to step up and help others, and it might happen, but I've never heard of another city welcoming their football team back from a game they lost at the airport at 3 in the morning.

The last thing I wanted to talk about with this weather is getting cozy with outfits. I am embracing sweatshirts, and curling up with a mug of tea and a book. I wanted to share some of my favorite sweatshirts out there right now, but I don't need a closet of all sweatshirts, so I'll contain myself!

skiing and some French? Pretty hard to resist this one.

I'm kind of obsessed with this. It would work this time of the year, and into the spring and summer as well|POPPY

  I can't link my sweatshirt because it isn't currently online, but if you are local, definitely check out Molly and Kate, and hang out in the village of Hamburg. There are some great restaurants and shops to check out. Let's get through this kind of gloomy winter together okay? Sounds like we might get some snow towards the end of this week though, so fingers crossed.

If you are from Buffalo, what do you think makes Buffalo special? Or,what do you love about your hometown? Any other awesome Buffalo boutiques or stores/small businesses that are awesome and that I should check out?

Thanks for reading!