Jcrew Factory Vail Parka

Happy Tuesday! I am back after a long weekend. Well, a few weeks ago I wrote about how I wanted a new winter coat this year to add to my wardrobe. I had been eyeing the coats at Jcrew Factory, specifically the Vail Parka, which is very similar to the Chateau Parka from retail Jcrew. I knew I wanted either the gray or the camel color, and I loved the cut of it, and the fur hood. I am going to talk about the differences between the two coats, how much I love this one, and two different ways I styled it over the weekend, since we FINALLY got some gorgeous snow.

The Vail Parka is unfortunately no longer available at Jcrew Factory, however, you can still get it on Amazon, which carries the Jcrew Factory mercantile line. It is Prime two day shipping, and they have  navy and a beautiful camel color, both of which are the other colors I was considering. It is considerably cheaper than the chateau parka, although probably not as warm since the arms aren't lined like they are in the chateau. The pockets are similar, I love that they both have the side pockets for your hands/phone whatever, and the roomy front pockets which gold accents. The only difference is that the Cheateau parka the side pockets are zipped with a pretty leather accent, and the hood has considerably more fur. Jcrew is actually having a huge sale right now, and the chateau is not that much more than the Vail version. They have a ton of colors available! With the sale it comes in at less than two hundred dollars. Also, if you don't want the hood, retail Jcrew carries a version called the Cocoon coat, and the Factory version is called the New City Coat. I don't have any experience with either of them, but they look lovely and I've heard the Cocoon coat in particular is very warm. Would be great for going out to wear over dressier looks.

Now onto styling. What I love about this coat: The hood, the pockets, and the cut and length of it. I've already talked about the hood and pockets, but I love how this coat falls on me. It is long, but not too long, and has a very flattering cut. It is also surprisingly warm. I wore it out on Saturday with a sweater and leather leggings and OTK boots, while it was snowing the most beautiful snow, and wasn't cold. I think having bare arms I might be cold though since the arms aren't lined. I would say that it maybe runs a little bit big, but if you wanted to wear thick sweaters under it maybe order your normal size or size up. I also love the heavy duty gold zipper, and that it also has gold snaps. I think it looks great zipped up, or open. I also decided to wear it yesterday for a walk in the woods with Tony and Oscar, and still wasn't cold although it was not warm outside. I paired it with jeans, and it also looks great with casual outfits like that. So, it is a 10/10 for me, and with the great price on the Chateau right now, I am sure that is just as awesome.

Saturday we headed downtown to go out with my brother, his girlfriend and some friends, and stopped in the theater district to take these photos. How beautiful are they with the snow falling?

Here is a link to the New City coat from Jcrew Factory, which is one sale for less than $100.00.

I am very excited about this coat, and can't wait to wear it for the rest of the winter. I would say my next outwear purchase should be a new ski coat, if anyone has any recommendations!

I hope everyone has a great week, especially if it is a short week for you!