Christmas Traditions

Happy December!

December is one of my absolute favorite months of the entire year. My birthday is this month, and Christmas of course. Now, I might like this past weekend and the lead up to Christmas more than the actual day itself! I love getting ready; the decorating, the Christmas music, the holiday parties and outfits, and just the general anticipation. Of course the actual day is so important and special, but just the magic of the whole season is the best part.

So I wanted to come on over to the blog and share some of my favorite traditions, old and new, at this magical time of year. As much as Christmas as a kid always seems like the best thing ever, honestly, I have enjoyed it so much more as an adult I think! When we got our first apartment, that first time decorating was so special to me. Of course I cherish my memories growing up and still love those traditions, it was so fun to do something new with someone I loved. Since moving into our house (somehow this our third Christmas here which just blows my mind) it has been even better. People laugh at me when I say that when we came to the open house I pictured where to put the tree, and decorating, but I'm serious!

So, the weekend after Thanksgiving is always the weekend that we get ready for Christmas, and I made sure to photograph my favorite moments.

Something we did for the first time this year was a gingerbread house, well actually a whole village! Every year I want to do one, but it gets so busy that we just never get to it. So one weekend at Target I was ribbing Tony about it, and he insisted that we get the village kit. So on Sunday during the ice storm that we had, we stayed in watching movies and we put it together. It was so much fun, I want to do it every single year!

one of my absolute favorite traditions, and the reason that we get the decorating done right after Thanksgiving, is that Tony and I have been hosting a Friendsgiving for six years now! I had always wanted to do one, so we just started doing it! Tony makes his famous lasagna, and we have a bunch of friends over for a memorable night. I look forward to it all year long, and it is our first party of the season.

To get ready for the party, I want the whole house decorated for Christmas! We get our Christmas tree and decorate it, and we also got our wreath for the front door. This year, when I heard Target had matching pajamas for everyone, I knew we had to get them! So I convinced Tony to wear them and take a picture with me. He is such a great sport.

Between the decorating, Friendsgiving, and just getting cozy for Christmas, the weekend after Thanksgiving is one of my favorites for the entire year. Other highlights of the season for me include:
Tony's work party. We get dressed up and eat way too many sugar cookies. One of my best friends has a Christmas party at her house that is one of the best nights of the entire year, and then we do New Years at another one of my best friend's houses and it is the best end to the holiday season.

Outfit details: Here is my Buffalo Check Plaid sweater. It is incredibly cozy and if I could wear it all the time, I would

I hope everyone has a great December, start to the week, and holiday season, no matter how you spend or celebrate it!