Christmas Photo Diary in Draper James

Hello everyone, and Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has had an amazing holiday season filled with family, friends and food! Things got so busy, that I haven't had time to do separate blog posts, so I decided to compile the last few weeks of photos into one post as a Christmas season recap. It has been such an amazing few weeks.

 One of my favorite things about the holiday season is different traditions that get started, and memories that are created. Two years ago, my best friend and I were both preparing for our weddings. One day we went and tried on our bridesmaid dresses for her wedding at a wedding shop in Williamsville, and then we went to the Irishman Pub for lunch. It was such a fun morning, and we saw Santa riding around the village on a firetruck more than once. The previous year, we also all went there together to celebrate my best friend's engagement and my birthday, and one of my friends go the bagpiper who happened to be there to play happy birthday as a surprise. So, I decided to have a Christmas afternoon with Tony of seeing the decorations, and we had lunch including their amazing potato soup, and boozy hot chocolate. It was a delicious and cozy afternoon.

 My birthday is very close to Christmas, December 19th, and I really enjoy getting to do holiday activities to celebrate. This year my birthday was absolutely amazing! Tony and I took the day off, and we had a relaxing morning at home, followed by going to the Botanical Gardens to see the poinsettia exhibit. We usually go in the springtime to the gardens, and I have never been in the winter. It was absolutely stunning, with Christmas touches everywhere, and their Christmas tree was gorgeous. I treated myself to a Draper James plaid shirt when they had their big plaid sale, and it was absolutely perfect for these photos. I also wore it for Tony's family Christmas yesterday, and it was perfect. It is beautiful, fits perfectly, but also is comfortable.

After enjoying the gardens, we went out to dinner at Mulberry's. I had never been, and it definitely lived up the hype. The food and atmosphere was amazing. They are really well known for their meatballs, so Tony and I shared one as an appetizer, and it did not disappoint.  We shared an amazing bottle of wine, and I had the gnocchi which was the best I've ever had. The photo above is the ceiling all decked out for Christmas. It is stunning.

Friday was our Christmas party at school, and it was a fun but exhausting day, followed by a Christmas party at a friend's house that is a yearly tradition, and one of my favorite nights of the entire year. The next day we went to my brother's house for a White Elephant Christmas party and gift exchange, and then the next day we had dinner and a get together for my birthday with my family, after cookie decorating at my best friend's house with her cousins, which is another one of my favorite traditions.  We went to Santa's Wonderland to see the Christmas lights, and we wandered around looking at them with hot chocolates for a festive night out. I also just love driving around this time of year to see all of the decorations and lights.

Christmas Eve Tony and I spent afternoon and evening with my parents, just the four of us, and we had dinner and watched The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix. It was cozy and wonderful. Christmas Day we spent with Tony's side of the family at his sister's house in Rochester, and it was so wonderful to see everyone, and have that big family Christmas. I love that, because we always had small family get togethers growing up. We played games, had brunch and a delicious dinner, and exchanged secret santa and family gifts.

I also had to put in two photos of my best friend and I at a company Christmas party. My husband and my best friend work at the same place, so we all get to attend the holiday party together! It is a great excuse to dress up and get in the holiday spirit, and eat Christmas cookies. My dress is Gal Meet Glam from last year's holiday collection.

Outfit details:
My plaid shirt for the botanical gardens photos is from Draper James

It's the Angie Check puff sleeve blouse. There is the cutest ruffle detail on the puff sleeves that I just love. The green plaid is lovely as well I love the colors. It is also on sale! Get it now, and save it for next Christmas! I couldn't be more excited about my Draper James purchases, I am so impressed with the quality.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and holiday season. I am looking forward to New Years Eve and a few more family get togethers before the new year. I am taking the next few days to just relax. I love all of the parties and get togethers, but boy this is girl tired! Take the time you need to wind down and relax.