My Fall Uniform

Happy Sunday! It has been an amazing weekend. Friday night I had a low key night in with my best friend trying out fall recipes and binge watching The Great British Baking Show. It was relaxing and fun and just what I needed. Yesterday morning Tony and I relaxed with some coffee, and then decided to take Oscar out because the weather was beautiful, and I decided that this outfit would be perfect, and something that I would truly wear on a fall day outside.

I genuinely make an effort to only buy and wear things that are "me." This outfit is the sort of thing I have worn and loved for years. Every season I like to mix a few new things with old favorites, but I make sure those new items will truly complement things in my wardrobe that I already have. For a day spent outside that is not too chilly, this is my "fall uniform." I find myself constantly reaching for sweaters and jeans, and another layer like a vest when needed. It is that time of the year where in the sun it can get a little bit warm, but in the shade like walking in the woods, you need another layer. Vests are perfect for that! I have these quilted vests in several different colors, and I even layer them over warmer layers, or under coats when the weather turns colder.

Tony and I decided to take Oscar to 18 Mile Creek, which I had somehow never been to. It was lovely and an absolute perfect day for it. Oscar had so much fun playing in the creek and jumping over logs.

Outfit details:
One of my new pieces for this fall is my Southern Proper Hat. I was a little bit hesitant at first with the Tartan pattern, because although I was immediately drawn to it, I wasn't sure that it would be versatile enough to wear with multiple outfits. I needn't have worried. I am reaching for constantly, it contains my favorite fall colors, navy blue, burgundy and a dark hunter green. It matches especially nicely with my navy vest.
It is on sale for $20!

My camel sweater is from Target. A few weeks ago I styled it for slightly warmer weather with leopard accessories for a casual outfit, but I wanted to show how versatile it is for outdoor activities as well. I often reach for a sweater more than sweatshirts.

My navy quilted vest is old, but they are still everywhere and I can't recommend them enough. They are super warm of course, but a wonderful added layer for this time of year, and I have worn them over heavier sweaters for outdoor activities in the winter as well. I really love the pockets and details on the Jcrew factory version of a quilted vest.

Today we are having a low key day in. I slept in which felt amazing, had a lovely homemade breakfast, and now we are making some fancy frozen pizzas and watching football. Have to rest up for Halloween week! This morning I binged a few episodes of Modern Love on Amazon Prime, and I absolutely love it!

I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend, and an upcoming week!


  1. Love this outfit, so cute!
    Xo, Kelsey