Summer Scallops and Stripes

Happy Tuesday! We have had absolutely beautiful weather here in Buffalo, and I have made it my goal to enjoy as much of it as I can! I love any excuse to dress up a little and bring out some of my feminine and classic summer pieces. My favorite color is blue, and mixing blue and white screams summer to me. I love coastal style, and Buffalo is well suited to it. My husband and I had plans for dinner and drinks in the Elmwood village, so we decided to head down to Delaware Park first to take some photos. My husband did a fantastic job, if you're reading this honey, you're the best!

I love Delaware Park, and have for a very long time. If any readers are not local, it was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, who also designed Central Park. One of my favorite things about Buffalo is the history, and Delaware Park is steeped in it. I always tell me husband that I can imagine walking through the park at the turn of the century, with the Albright Knox and the History Museum, which are both from the Pan American Exposition, in the background.

There is also a lot to do in the park, and several different areas. There is the history museum and Japanese garden. The cherry trees are a must see in May when they are in peak bloom. Across a walking bridge is Hoyt Lake, where you can rent rowboats, or simply walk around the lake. The old Marcy Casino is now The Terrace restaurant which is great and has a beautiful view of the lake. There are also many walking paths and sports and recreation areas. It is a huge park.

We decided to stick to the rose garden, which was perfect because the roses were perfectly in bloom. My husband loves gardening, so he loved looking at and photographing the roses. We also walked down to Hoyt Lake as well, and it can't be beat this time of year. Get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather!

 outfit details

scalloped cami: Jcrew factory:

highly recommend, looks great with blazers, sweaters or on it's own in nice weather. And it is lined! Not see through at all.

skirt, bag and heels are all from Target. Somewhat funny story about the heels, I bought this exact pair last summer to wear to a school event where I had to dress up and fell in love with them, truly. Very comfortable, so easy to walk in and obviously they match everything. Well, unfortunately I left them out and my dog Oscar ate one of them. I went to get another pair and they were gone, I was honestly so sad! So when I saw them there this year I scooped them up. That was about a month ago, but if you see them, nab 'em! I don't like to spending a lot on shoes typically. (See above dog story), and sometimes sacrifice comfort because of it, but I truly really love these.

I love having long hair, but it gets to be a bit much in the summer sometimes. I got these pearl hair clips back over the winter, and I love how they look with this outfit.