Sailing Away at Port of Call Buffalo

I am so excited to share these photos! An event that I have been looking forward to since I heard about it was the Tall Ships coming to the Buffalo waterfront for Port of Call Buffalo. It is the first time they have been here to Buffalo so I had big expectations and I was not disappointed! I spent the day with my husband, mom, dad and brother and despite the heat and long waits we had a fantastic time. I had heard some complaints that the event was poorly organized, but I definitely disagree! I thought it was well organized and worth the wait. There were three "zones" or areas with the Tall Ships, and your ticket to get into the area got you a passport with information on all of the ships that you could get stamped on each boat. There were a lot of people because they day before was a washout with some much needed rain, and Sunday was the last day, so I was expecting a crowd. Thousands of people came, and for good reason, I really enjoyed going on and seeing the boats. I do however a pretty nasty sunburn from the spots I missed with sunscreen. Due to the long waits, we chose to go on the boats at the Canalside area, with the War of 1812 replica ships, and then we took a drink break and walked along the waterfront to see the others but we did not go on them. I had so much fun and took so many photos. If you made it to the event, or have been to see the Tall Ships let me know what you thought! I now really want to go sailing!

outfit details:
My dress is Vineyard Vines for Target. Back when this line launched, I looked ahead online and this was the dress I knew I would want, but I did not go to the store early or log online early enough to snag one, so I figured it just wasn't meant to be. Well, my mom and I stopped in their local Target on Friday and there was a rack with a few items somehow still left over, and this was one of them, in my size! I'm obsessed with it, it fits like a glove and is actually really good quality in my honest opinion. The timing was prefect for the Tall Ships, with its nautical striped ribbon. I paired it was my basket weave slides and basket bag from Target. It was the perfect summer day!

Finally a replica of the Santa Maria from Christopher Columbus's  voyage is here in the Marina, and it is here through the end of this week to go see and there is still opportunity to board it as well!