S'more Summer Time

Happy Summer!

The first day of summer was Friday, but the weather did not cooperate until the weekend. I was excited to find out that L.L Bean's event S'more out of Summer was coming to Canalside. First of all, I love the brand, and I love going to Canalside, especially in the summer. It is the perfect place to draw a crowd and spend an afternoon. I convinced my husband to check it out with me, and to his credit he was totally on board to be the photographer, I'm pretty sure the free s'more convinced him.

Actually though, this event was right up his alley. He loves camping and outdoor activities, and he was very impressed with some of the gear on display. I love camping, and sometimes still day dream about the time we hiked into our campsite with all of our gear in the Adirondacks one year for Columbus Day weekend, and camped by a lake in our pup tent. These days, the large tent with hookups for electronics and room for an air mattress is more my speed. Representatives from the National Parks Service were there as well as L.L Bean, which was great, I think everyone should spend more time outdoors.

Back to the event...
 Can we talk about the boot mobile that is s'mores themed?? Look at those marshmallow wheels. Also. The eternal debate. Do you like your marshmallows burned to a crisp (I can't be alone in this) or do you like that perfect, slow roasted golden brown? Everything about the event was fun! Even the entrance was summery, festive, and fun. They had their own hashtags which filled me with joy. Everything was their signature hunter green, from the umbrellas to accessories on the wooden swings. It was just FUN. I love s'mores, so I was very on board with the theme. To me, it isn't really summer yet until you've had that first s'more at that first summer party or campfire. There was a giant s'more to take photos with holding giant marshmallows on sticks which I was almost as excited about as the real s'more. Then we got to roast our marshmallows and make our s'mores with their special graham crackers.

I am so excited that events like this are coming to Buffalo. Going downtown and having all of these events going on and life in the city is so exciting. I am very excited for the Tall Ships coming NEXT WEEK to Buffalo.

My pink gingham shirt is old from Target but still a favorite, because you cannot have too many gingham shirts. These adorable basket weave slides are also from Target, from the brand Universal Thread, and my basket bag will be on repeat all summer and is also from Target.

This post is not in any way sponsored, just wanted to share about this fun event.