My Maine Squeeze

I have been to Maine twice, the first time we went camping and then spent a few days in Portland. which  I loved! had been dreaming of spending some time not in the city however, and I thought I'd share about one of my now favorite places ever, Kennebunkport Maine. 

My husband's family also loves Maine, so my amazing mother in law decided to plan this fun family trip for her birthday last summer. This time last year we were there, and looking back at photos made me really want to write about it! 

I love Maine, I can't even really describe it. It has that absolutely wonderful, laid back New England small town feel to it. Everyone we encountered there was so nice, and everything is so beautiful. I definitely want to see more small towns in Maine. Kennebunkport is definitely a tourist destination and I loved every second of it. It never feels crowded. We stayed in an amazing house from Home Away, and being so close to drive into town or wherever else we wanted to do was great. 

Our first full day, we decided to do some lighthouse hopping. I absolutely love lighthouses, and there are a lot of beautiful ones. Our first time to Portland, Tony and I did a full day, and saw the Bug Light, the Portland Headlight and the Spring Point Ledge. This time around, we knew we wanted to see the Spring Point Ledge and the Headlight again. 

 One of my favorite things about revisiting favorite places is finding hidden or different areas that you didn't know about before. The Portland Headlight is definitely the biggest lighthouse in the area. It is is stunning, and the area that it is in, Cape Elizabeth, is just as beautiful. There are some ruins from World War Two. The first time we went to Maine, we learned that Maine and the eastern coast of the United States was preparing for a possible invasion during the war. Tony loved the old base and could have spent hours exploring, but I dragged him close to the lighthouse. There is a gorgeous cliff walk and even a small rocky beach. You could truly spend all day there. On our way, we found this amazing spot with these rocks and a view of the Headlight. It was so peaceful and we got some beautiful images.
 Our first time to Maine a lovely couple took our picture since it was just Tony and I on the trip. This time his brother took this great photo of us at one of the best spots to get a picture with the lighthouse in the background. There is also an amazing food truck with lobster rolls. I love lobster rolls, and you can get them here in Buffalo, but there is something special about eating them in Maine.

 This is the first lighthouse we went to, the Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse. it is striking, jutting out into the water from a long rocky ledge. It is actually quite an adventure getting out to the lighthouse; the rocks are large and sometimes fairly far apart. Wearing sandals really was not the best choice.

Day 2
 It looked like it might be rainy, so we decided to do some shopping. It did rain, as we headed to see another lighthouse called "The Nubble Light" in York, which is a quintessential beach town. The sun came out just as we arrived and headed down to the lighthouse and we got some beautiful photos in some gorgeous evening light.
 Afterwards we went for a birthday dinner for my mother law and I enjoyed more seafood. Then on our way home we drove through town. I am obsessed with the town. It is so cute, with lots of cute little stores and restaurants. For ice cream, I definitely recommend Rococo's. It was definitely worth the wait. I just had to get a picture on the bridge near the little harbor. For food and drinks, we went to an amazing wine bar called Old Vines Wine Bar. They had excellent small plates and drinks, everyone loved it.

 Our last day was a beach day. I convinced Tony to wake up early with me to see the sunrise at Goose Rocks Beach. Everyone thought we were crazy, but I love seeing the sunrise, and honestly it was magical.

I definitely recommend visiting Kennebunkport, and I definitely hope to return in the future.